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Training Quick Reference Sheet

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Working days

A working day is 4 hours long. Characters may spent more time training up to a maximum of willpower/2 + 4 hours. For each success on a willpower 10 roll 1 hour is added to this.

Base Time

Active Skill Karma Cost x7 in working days
Attribute Karma Cost x7 in working days
Knowledge Skill Karma Cost x15 in working days

Training Test

Target Number:

  • For Skills: New skill value +2
  • -1 if skill was used in last run
  • -1 for having a teacher
  • For Attributes: 6

Divide the base time by the number of successes.


Teachers may assist characters in learning skills or increasing attributes.
Target Number:
Teaching Skill: 4 OR
Charisma: 8
Each 2 successes counts as an additional Training Test success.
Teacher must have a skill of at least 3 and at or above the level being taught.
Cost: Pg. 50 SR companion.