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Taking Four

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There will come a time when characters have enough time to complete a task successfully without having to roll tests again and again until they come up with the result they want. The Taking 4 rules are designed to reflect this.

Taking 4

When attempting a test, players may state they are going to Take 4. This means that they have enough time to effectively roll until every dice in a test scores a target number of 4. For players to take 4 they must be in a calm situation where they can spend 10 minutes uninterrupted on the activity. Characters may also take 6 (base 1 hour) and 8 (base 4 hours) but not above 8.

Limits to Taking 4

Characters may not take 4 if they are:

  • In combat
  • On a serious wound or greater either physical or mental
  • Under any effect which gives them target numbers of +3 or greater
  • There is a penalty for a critical failure (e.g. a Maglock has an anti tamper device, decking into a host)
  • Where there is a cost for each attempt, or where materials are used in each attempt (e.g. Summoning an Elemental)
  • Nature spirits also dislike be summoned and dismiss repeatedly, and will eventually not turn up if repeatedly summoned and dismissed
  • For any spell with physical drain. For spells with stun drain then the character takes a longer base time depending on the drain of the spell (Lx 1, Mx 2, Sx 3 or Dx 4).
  • For any activity with a longer base time than 1 minute. E.g. a character could not take 4 of a Car B/R skill test to install some new armour if the process had a base time of hours, or learning a new spell.
  • For information gathering tests where the a wrong party test is appropriate

Examples of Situations to take 4

  • Conducting a search of an area
  • Casting a spell (and placing it into a spell lock or quickening)
  • Researching in a database for information (as long as they have unrestricted access)
  • Breaking the lock on a safe (as long as they have time and no distractions)
  • Reading an aura
  • For continuous tasks like searching an area, then after 10 minutes the character gets a take 4 result and 1 hour they get a take 6 result and after 4 hours they get a take 8 result.