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SR4 Weaponry Martial Arts

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Work in Progress

Weapon Styles

Weapon Styles are a special skill which give access to melee weapon qualities. Each weapon style gives a benifit and disadvantage as well as 8 maneuvers to choose from. The weapon style skill is not used in attack rolls (fro that the weapon skill is still used).

A character may select a number of weapon options equal to 2x (weapon style skill -2). Options may either be purchance as qualities using B Ps or bought with karma later in the game.

Sword and Shield Style

Advantage: When perfoming a parry or full parry while using the shield the character gets +1D Disadvantage: The characters off hand is taken up using the shield Options: Shield Punch, Power Attack, Cleave, Herd, Trap, Disorient, Weapon Punch, Zone

Twin Weapon Style

Advantages: Free Two Weapon Style Option at level 2. Disadvantages: -1 modifier when in a confined space. Options: Improved Two Weapon Style, Trap, Diorient, Herd, Weapon Punch, Zone, Web of Death, Whirling

Single Weapon Style

Advantages: +1 on Called shots Disavantages: No items at all may be held in the off hand as the character uses it to balance. Options: Throw Melee Weapon, Disorient, Zone, Herding, Weapon Punch, Multi-Strike, Evasion, Mobility

Two Handed Style

Advantages: +1DV when using power attacks Disadvantages: -1 modifier in confined spaces Options: Cleave, Power Attack, Weapon punch, Trap, Herding, Zone, Throw Melee Weapon, Web of Death

Archery Style

Advantages: None Diadvantages : None Options: Exotic Weapon (War Bow), Rapid Shot, Shoot on the Run, Multi Shot, Point Blank Shot, Prepare Arrow, Mounted Shot, Mobility

Mounted Style

Advantages: None Disadvantages: Options only while mounted Options: Mounted Charge, Ride by Attack, Trample, Mounted Combat, Herding, Cleave, Power Attack, Exotic Weapon (Heavy Horsemans Lance).

To be continued

Melee Weapon Qualities

Exotic Weapon Use (10BP)

This quality is required for the use of certain special weapons which require a lifetimes trainig to use effectively. Such weapons include the English War Bow and the Heavy Horsemans Lance.

Trap (5BP)

This is the art of using a weapon to trap and hold the opponents weapon. The attacker must elect this option before attacking. If the attacker is successful by a threshold equal to half the defenders strength the defenders weapon is trapped. If the attacker achieves a theshold of the weapons barrier rating then the defenders weapon breaks. While the defenders weapon is trapped neither the defender or the attacker may use their weapons for attack or defence. To break the trap the defender must beat the attacker in a opposed strength test (the attacker gets bonus dice to this test equal to the amount of successes they got in the initial trap attack). A common use of this is to trap the opponents weapon and then use another weapon or unarmed attack to attack them.

Shield Punch (5BP)

An attacker may use a shiled to make an effective attack. The attack uses the shield skill and does [(STR/2)+2] S. This also acts as a knockdown attack.

Weapon Punch (5BP)

The character may attack with the hilt or blunt parts of a normally lethal weapon to do stun. The character does stun damage equal to the weapons DV -2 (with no armour piercing).

Throw Melee Weapon (5BP)

A risky and rare option. The attacker may hurl his melee weapon as a ranged attack with a -2 dice pool and -2 DV. The defender may still defend as if the attack was a melee attack e.g. with a block.

Web Of Death (5BP)

This is used for defence only. The defender puts his weapon through an array of flashy maneuvers which give him a +1 on Melee Parry or Full Melee Parry.

Herding (5BP)

As Matial Arts.

Disorient (5BP)

As Martial Arts.

Multi-Strike (5BP)

As Martial Arts.

Zoning (5BP)

As Martial Arts.

Two Weapon Style (5BP)

When using two weapons the character recieces only a -1 dice for the off hand weapon and not a -2. The character must use a small weapon in his off hand (or suffer a -2 modifier if using a medium weapon).

Improved Two Weapon Style (5BP)

Requires the Two Weapon Style. The character recieves no penalties on his off hand and may use two medium sized weapons e.g. two long swords.

Whirling (5BP)

As Martial Art.

Cleave (5BP)

If the attacker hits and knocks down his opponent he may instantly make an attack at another opponent in melee range with a -2 modifier.

Power Attack (5BP)

The attacker gets a -2 modfier to hit, but a +2 DV.

Prepare Arrows (5BP)

The character can prepare (agility) arrows per complex action (max 10). These arrows may be loaded into a bow with a free action (not a simple action).

Point Blank Shot (5BP)

The character can use his bow in melee range with a +4 modifier (The character still recieves the penalties for using the bow in melee).

Multi Shot (5BP)

The character can fire more than one arrow per simple action. The character recieves a -3 modfier per additional arrow (Max 3). Treat the attack like a short burst either a +1DV or a -1 to the defenders defence pool.

Shoot on the Run (5BP)

The character gets no penalties for using a ranged weapon while running.

Evasion (5BP)

As Matial Arts.

Rapid Shot (5BP)

The character may draw and shoot an arrow from a bow in one simple action at a -2 modifier.

Far Shot (5BP)

The character gets a +1 Modifier for long and +2 modifier for extreme range attacks.

Mounted Shot (5BP)

The character can fire a small or medium ranged weapon (Short Bow, Light/Medium Crossbow) from horse back with no penalties.

Mounted Combat (5BP)

The character recieves no penalties on controlling their mount in a combat situation.

Mounted Charge (5BP)

When charging using a mount the character gets an additional +1DV.

Ride by Charge (5BP)

The attacker is adept at using mounts for charging attacks. The attacker if successful in his attack may after the attack ride past the defender and out of melee range without the defender being able to intercept him.

Mobility (5BP)

The character gets a +2 modifier when avoiding being intercepted when leaving or moving through melee range.

Trample (5BP)

The character may direct a mount the attack a target as a complex action. Damage and attack dice are as per the mount.