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SR4 Medieval Weaponry

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New Items

English/Welsh War Bow

The infamous bow ow the 14th centruy the War Bow is quite unlike other bows. One does not simply draw the string back and aim along the arrow shoaft, an archer using the War Bow must draw the bowstring back past his ear. This means that any aiming of the bow is purly instrictual and the bow takes years of practice to master. The war bow is often may from the wood of the yew tree, using a specially selected stave with one side being the springy heart wood of the tree and the other side being the tough hard wood of the tree. This gives the bow its incredible tensile strength.

War Bow

  • Skill: The War Bow skill is a separate skill to Projectile weapons. To take the war bow skill the character must first posess the special quality Exotic Weapon: War Bow (10 BP). War Bows may be created using the Bowyer/Fletcher Skill
  • Strength Minimum: 5
  • Damage Value: (STR Minimum +4)P
  • Range: As strenghth of bow +2

Bodkin Arrow

Special arrow with a long thin steal tip, designed for ounching through plate armour. Has a DV of -1 but an AP of -1.

Broad Arrow

Special arrow with a broad head designed to tear through flesh. Recieves a +1 DV but also a +1 AP.

Heavy Horsemans Lance

A long spear like weapon almost 3 meters long the Heavy War Lance is only designed to be used for mounted charges. It is so heavy that to be used effectively it must be in some way mounted either on a saddle rest or by attacking a hook support onto plate armour. If this weapon is uded when not charging on horseback consider it a clumsy club with a -3 dice modifier.

Heavy Horsemans Lance

  • Skill: Heavy Horsemans Lance (Require the Exotic Weapon: Heavy War Lance quality)
  • Damage Value: [[STR/2)+2)P [AP -2] (+4 DV when charging)
  • Reach: 3

Light Footmans Lance

Like the heavy war lance but designed for use by footman for the opposite effect. This polearm weapon is a king to a giant spear and is most commonly used to Set Against Charges by horseman.

Light Footmans Lance

  • Skills: Polearm
  • Damage Value: [[STR/2)/2)P [AP-2] (+2 DV when setting against charge)
  • Reach: 2