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Ruthenium Polymers

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Ruthenium Polymer Equipment Items

Ruthenium Polymer Cloak

The RPC is simply a cloak worn over existing garments coated in polymers. It doesn’t offer any other armour or integrated features but like normal clothing may be modified to accept 2 levels of armour modifications. The RPC comes complete with 8 extra image sensors and 2 gel power packs with 10 hours life time each.

Availability: 6/16 days
Cost: 110,000
Street Index: 2
Legality: Legal

Ruthenium Polymer Stealth Suit

The Stealth suit is an integrated armour, heat dissipation and ruthenium polymer system designed for the ultimate in stealth. The armoured body suit provides not only ballistic and impact protection but also helps to bold infra-red emissions from the body, to prevent detection by themographic systems. The Stealth suit comes equipped with 8 extra sensors and with 2 gel power packs (10 hours life time each).

Availability: 8/20 days
Cost: 140,000
Street Index: 2
Legality: Legal
Armour Values:

  • Overall: 6/3 (+1/+1)
  • Head: 4/2
  • Torso: 5/3
  • Arms: 4/2
  • Legs: 4/2
  • Encumbrance Factor: 14
  • Concealability: 2
  • Options: Thermal Dampening 8

Optional Rules: Ruthenium Polymers

Ruthenium Polymers and Stealth

While a character is wearing a ruthenium polymer suit, anyone attempting to spot them has a +4 to their perception tests + 1 extra per 2 sensors (max +8). Ruthenium polymers only effect the visible spectrum and have no effect on thermographic vision, ultrasound or radar. Observers with themographic vision reduce target numbers to spot targets by 50% (or by 75% if it is natural thermographic or Bioware). These may be offset by adding thermal dampening to the characters armour. Each point of thermal dampening adds +1 the target numbers for spotting using thermal vision (max +8). Observers employing ultrasound technologies half the target number modifiers. This can be countered by using ultrasound scramblers. Drones which employ radar and other sensors receive half target number modifiers. Characters may only move at a rate of 1 meter per combat turn, about 0.25 meters a second (very slow walking speed) for the polymers to be completely effective. For each meter per combat turn over 1 then observers have a -1 their spot checks. Ruthenium Polymers and Combat Combat is a high speed affair which often reduces the effectiveness of ruthenium polymers. The following activities in combat reduce the target numbers to spot characters in ruthenium polymers.

Using a hold out weapon -1
Using a small weapon (Heavy Pistol or Less, Knife) -2
Using a medium weapon (SMG) -3
Using a large weapon (Assault rifle, Shotgun, Sword) -4
Using a heavy weapon (LMG, HMG, Assault Cannon) -6
Dodging -2
Casting a spell -1
Attacking by unarmed combat -4

These modifiers to perception tests do not apply until the character takes the action and last from the combat pass on which the character took the action, until the characters next action.

The Mole sneaks up with his ruthenium polymer cloak on three security guards who don’t see him (TN 12, 4 + 8 to see him). He shoots one with his Narcojet (pistol sized weapon). The first guard goes down, but the second guard lets loose with full auto (now at -2 to hit as the mole has attacked with a weapon, so +8 -2 = +6) forcing the mole to dodge. When it comes to the third guards actions he gets a -2 (for the moles attack) and another -2 (because the mole had to dodge).