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Optional Rules Supression Fire

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(Replaces existing rules in Cannon Companion)

Instead of firing accurately a character can make a suppression fire attack. When using suppression fire attacks the attacker chooses how many bullets will be fired into each 1 metre squared area. Each person in the area comes under attack from suppression fire.

Instead of rolling the normal skill roll the attacker rolls a number of dice equal to the number of bullets they are firing into each 1 metre squared area. Suppression fire has a base target number is determined by ranges (e.g. 4 for short, 5 for medium etc), this is modified by the attackers wound and vision modifiers and the targets cover. For each dice that is a success one bullet hits. The hit location of this round is rolled randomly on Table 5 using 3 dice. Roll 1D6 when the round hits to determine the number of successes in the Attack test. The target rolls a Dodge test and for each success dodges one bullet. Once dodge is resolved determine scatter for each round normally. Suppression fire lasts until the beginning of the characters next combat phase and attacks anybody who enter the area during that time.

Whisper is on the receiving end of Petes 6 rounds of suppression fire. Pete is at short range and has no injuries so rolls 6 dice against a target of 4. He gets 3 successes. He then rolls a D6 to determine how many attack successes each bullet hit with and gets a 1, 3, and a 5. Whisper now rolls to dodge. Three rounds hit so he rolls against a target of 5 (4 +1), and gets 2 successes. This means he dodged two of the bullets. For the remaining bullet 1D6 is rolled to determine the number of successes for the attack test. A 2 is rolled. he location is rolled randomly by 3D6 (getting a 5 – the right leg). he shot then scatters two hexes as only 2 the attack test only achieved two successes.

Hit Number Location
3 Head
4-5 Right Leg
6-8 Right Arm
9-12 Torso
13-15 Left Arm
16-17 Left Leg
18 Head