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Optional Rules Autofire

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Standard Rules for use with SR3

These rules replace those in SR3 for burst and full automatic fire. In this system it is possible to hit with partial bursts of automatic fire. Roll the ranged combat test with a base target number not modified for recoil.

Whisper shoots a 3 round burst with his Ingram Smart Gun. The burst causes two points of recoil (1 point for each shot after the first) but has recoil compensation of 2. Whispers target number is 4 so if he rolls a 4 all 3 rounds will hit.

For each round after the first, that is not compensated for by recoil compensation, add +1 (+2 for heavy weapons) to the target number and then consulting the same dice roll determine whether the each round hits individually, resolving each extra round one at a time.

Whisper shots 5 rounds on full auto with his Ingram and rolls a 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5 and a 6. The first three rounds recoil is compensated for and require a base target number of 4 to hit, for the 4th round to hit a 5 is required and for the 5th round to hit a 6 is required. Whisper hits with all five rounds.

When the target dodges his successes are taken from the attackers highest dice roll first.

The security guard Whisper just shot tries to dodge. He rolls one success. The means Whispers highest dice roll (the 6) is removed. Since Whispers next highest dice is a 5 he only hit with 4 bullets now.

Enchance Rules for use with Optional Rule Scatter And Locations

When determining scatter for auto fire, use the following rules. If the attacker gets four or more successes the shot does not scatter. This is determined for each individual bullet. In the above example whisper obtained 4 successes with the first three rounds so they don’t scatter and would hit the default aim point. He only scored two successes for the 4th round, which means that bullet scatters two hexes (as per Table 2: Scatter). The location to which the attack scatters becomes the new aim point for determining further scatter. Resolve damage from auto fire for each location separately by adding up the total number of bullets that hit each location and making separate resistance tests. If different bullets have hit with different accuracies then use the lowest accuracy to determine damage. Damage for autofire is calculated as per SR3 but the first bullet doesn't add to power e.g. a 3 round burst is +2 power +1 damage level, a 10 round burst is +9 power and +3 damage levels.

Continuing from the above example after the guard dodges (removing Whispers highest dice roll of a 6). Whisper has 6 successes left against target number 4 and so the first 3 bullets hit the guard on the default aim point with 6 successes of accuracy to the torso. Whisper only has 2 successes against target number 5 which means the 4th bullet scatters by one hex. Whisper gets hit by 4 bullets in the torso and 1 in the left arm from a HK227 (Base damage 7M). His left arm takes a damage of 11S (+3 power and +1 damage level for 3 bullets) and his torso takes a damage of 7M (base power for one bullet). He then makes Resistance tests for the left arm and then the torso.