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Old Quotes/UKC/First Page

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 "I'm claiming diplomanic immunity." - Stuart.
 "How well can you swim if you're manacled?" - Stuart.
 "You're related to the rest of the family, aren't you?" - Ian.
 "He looks quite well, apart from his appearance." - Mark.
 "You see an old man. Bald, white hair." - Stuart.
 "There's a load of yaks who want to come over and kill you in  Japan." - Stuart.
 "I'll hand over my weapons if you'll hand over yours." - Adam, to some security guards.
 "You burst in through the room." - Stuart.
 "Place your figure there and there." - Stuart.
 "The only thing going for that accusation is that it's true."  - Anthony.
 "He's been useful. Let him die now." - Adam, discussing whether or not to aid a character in trouble.
 "OK then, that's the plan. I go in and kill myself." - Stuart.
 "You've known my character longer than I have." - Stuart.
 "We eat the whole population of roast squirrel." - Stuart.
 "Can a halfling use a long bow?" - Stuart.
 "Lose left arm, lose left right arm, lose right arm...." - Stuart, listing the possibilities after a PC had received a  critical hit. The PC in question did not have a third arm.
 "He died a lot and got tortured a bit." - Stuart.
 "Do you know who this is?" - Adam, pointing at the GM and referring to a NPC the party had just met.  "He's our GM." - Matt.
 "Damn, we've gone back to the plot." - Anthony.
 "He's an elf; human." - Stuart.
 "He walks into the middle of, like, you." - Stuart, talking to  a single person.
 "I can use my climbing gear to tell them to come up." - Mark.
 "I remember the last time my chest disintegrated in front of me...." - Matt.
 "Take your fate like a dwarf, you stupid elf!" - Cedric.
 "Oh bugger, I made it!" - Alex.
 "You add a Strength point for breaking your wrist?" - Anthony.
 "Let's head for that plot device." - Anthony.
 "The one he hit survived, but another two died?" - Anthony.
 "Some of us are more unconscious than others." - Cedric.
 "He's a traitor?!" - Mark. 
"No, he has a trace of a Scottish accent." - Stuart.
 "Are you a vampire?" - Mark. 
"No, I just don't like sunlight." - Anthony.
 "I'm not pointing my head in his direction." - Mark.
 "It's good quality poisoned food." - Ian.
 "Do you value your life or money?" - Mark. 
"Neither." - Stuart.
 "Other people cock their crossbows, he cocks his horse." - Rose.
 "I'm currently inserting my elbow into his face." - Mark.
 "I'm going to put my horse between my legs." - Mark.
 "I need healing badly...." - Mark.
"I can heal you badly!" - Stuart.
 "Is she speaking?" - Mark.
"Sometimes." - Adam.
 "You fell asleep. Brilliant piece of leadership, that." - Adam.
 "Is there a Bed & Breakfast around here?" - Mark.
"A pair of jeans cost 45 quid." - Stuart.
 "Before I give you anything you require, you must give me something you require." - Stuart.
 "Can you tell us what we've been talking about?" - Mark.
 "He is my lard." - Stuart.
 "I think not." - Stuart.
"We noticed that." - Adam.
 "I didn't mean nuke it as in blow it up." - Mark.
 "Who are you?" - Mark.
"Don't know." - Stuart.
 "Poor dogs. Someone's doing this to them." - Mark, talking about some three-headed dingos he was fighting.
"You." - Adam.
 "They're not the normal type of thing you see around here." - Stuart as NPC guide, talking about the above three-headed dingos.
 "The Seattle sewer system does not extend to Australia" - Unknown.