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October 2062

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In The Shadows October 2062

Corporate Manoeuvres

The Seattle corporate scene has been a busy place this month, starting with the shock law suit against Mitsuhama Computer Technologies by second tier rising star Wanatabee Matrix Services. MCT had recently entered into a contract with WMS to help with the production on some new computer tech. The exact details are a little vague but it would seem that WMS have designed a new high power host which is set to be the next benchmark on the SOTA curve.

After an explosion at Wanatabee Matrix Services Seattle destroyed the whole R&D department responsible for the construction of this new host, MCT claimed that WMS could no longer hold up their side of the contract and pulled out. WMS then later revealed it had recovered enough of the project to continue with only a slight delay, and then sued MCT for breach on contract at the corporate court. Rumour is that MCT settled out of court for a large bundle of Nuyen. WMS then turned to rivals Renraku Computer Systems and signed the same contract with them, sending Renraku stocks soaring while MCT stocks plummeted.

As to the real story, there is some serious shadows activity around WMS. The big players are worried about loosing ground to WMS, so keep you ear to the ground for jobs here.

Mob War

This month has seen the outbreak of a vicious turf war between the Bigio Family and the Mitsumoto Gumi. These two crime syndicates had been on pretty neutral terms (as neutral as a mob and yakuza family can be), so what sent them off the deep end? Well the ‘story’ on the streets reads something like this.

A hitman hired by Mr Mitsumoto, Oyabun of the Mitsumoto Gumi, iced one of Maurice Bigio's sottocapos, called Jack Newman. The hitman iced him in his own house with a single knife thrust to the heart (obviously the work of a pro) and then kidnapped and killed his female guest Anna Daniels. When the man returned to dispose of Jack Newman's corpse he ran into Jack Newman's ‘security’ goons who chased him but failed to capture him. Well it’s an interesting story but take it from an old pro, it isn’t the truth. There are more holes in this than a piece of cheese. The truth, well that’s for anyone who wants a Job to find out. Maurice Bigio is offering 200,000 nuyen for the capture alive of the ice man. To complicate this Jack Newman's big brother Kyle Newman is out on his own personal quest for the guy who iced his little bro. Rumour has it, Kyle Newman lead the firebomb raid on a brothel owned by the Mitsumoto Gumi. They then retaliated by an attack on one of the Bigio Family chop shops, and it’s just escalated from there.

Those of you interested in the case, here a copy of the CSI Report Jack Newman