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November 2062

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In The Shadows November 2062

Mob War Ends

Well it’s the end of November and the streets seem strangely quiet. For the last few months now the Bigio Family and the Mitsumoto Gumi have been laying it down in a messy turf war. This turf war started out with the alleged assassination of the sottocapo Jack Newman by a Yakuza assassin. Well this is why they call me the hound, because here’s the inside scoop that I sniffed out.

It seems that good old Jacks way with the ladies finally caught up with him. Jack always had the rep of a hard man on the streets and it seems he was the same with his women. Only this time the woman fought back, and stuck a carver through his heart. The rest of this little story however is sickening. In a bid to end the turf war the Yakuza Oyabun Mr Mitsumoto put it into his head to track down Jack Newmans killer. Mr Bigio never wanted the turf war but with Jack Newman being a popular figure and his brother Kyle Newman baying for revenge he has to take up the fight to keep face.

The Yakuza manage to track down the woman (through details I can guess at but I’m not going to go into – but I hope someone out there is finding some conscience in the bottom of his bottle). She was a Streetdoc and sometimes runner known as Hermione who’d ended up working in a Mafia clinic where Jack Newman picked he up. Once the Yakuza had her they promptly had her turned over to the mob by a third party. Word on the streets is that Kyle Newman made a real example of her and finally stuck her with the same knife that killed his brother. To tell you the truth, I hope someone out there gets Kyles number…

Blockade of San Francisco Continues

With General Saito entrenched in San Francisco the Japanesse Imperial Navy blockade seems to be having little effect. Rumours persist that Saitos secret corporate parters keep him well sctocked in supplies and since Megacorp cargo transports are protected by Extraterritoriality there’s jack the Imperial Navy can do with out going toe to toe with the megacorps, something they’re not ready to do. Despite pressure from the UN the Japanese Empire is still refusing any help in resolving what they call an internal situation. Surprisingly UCAS seems happy to support Japan in this stance despite the allegations of genocide laid of against Saito. One things for certain, there are no plans on the table for a military assault on Saito. Why not, should be the question. With a clear backing from the UN and now that the Japanese army have more or less finished with the clear up operation from the volcanic eruptions and earth quakes last year along the Ring Of Fire, there doesn’t seem to be any excuse. So why is everyone so afraid to throw down with Saito?