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Lifestyles of the Rich and Shadowy

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Shadowy

This system allows players to select Life Style Quirks to expand on their lifestyle and residences. When designing, the player is strongly encouraged to link the quirks to a sensible "story" line.

What in a lifestyle?

A lifestyle is a package which may include the following:

  • Rent
  • Clothing
  • Local Travel by public transport
  • Media subscriptions
  • Home Security (all lifestyles have Maglocks with a rating of 3 by default and basic security systems)
  • Host (all lifestyles have a rating 2 host which can be loaded with IC and creates a home PAN)
  • Space (you can fit 3-4 people comfortably)
  • Rating C Neighbourhood
  • Servants (Level 0) Cleaner drones!
  • Parking

Levels of lifestyle

There are 5 Levels of lifestyle

  • Streets - Level 0 - No cost - No free positive or negative quirks. You have none of the lifestyle benefits lists above. You just have you, your coat and maybe a dog.
  • Squatter - Level 1 - 500 Nuyen/Month - 1 free positive quirk
  • Low - Level 2 - 2,000 Nuyen/Month - 2 free positive quirks
  • Medium - Level 3 - 5,000 Nuyen/Month - 3 free positive quirks
  • High - Level 4 - 10,000/Month - 5 free positive quirks
  • Luxury - Level 5 - 100,000/Month - 10 free positive quirks

In addition to the free positive quirks, players may select a number of negative quirks. For each level of negative quirks you may select a level of positive quirk. You may not take a positive quirk at a level more than your lifestyle level.

Lifestyle Quirks

Positive Quirks

  • Transport Level 1 A free low end commuter car lease (Mitsubishi Runabout). Level 2 A free mid range car. Level 3 a high end car e.g. Eurocar Westwind. Level 4 You have a limo and driver. Level 5 Access to a commuter VTOL service
  • Home Security. Level 1 The lifestyle is protected by superior maglocks, and cameras (rating 4). Level 2 The lifestyle is protected by superior maglocks, sensors and cameras (rating 5). Level 3 The lifestyle is protected by superior maglocks, bullet proof windows, biometric sensors, cameras and automated defences (Neurostun gas delivery system) (rating 6). Level 4 You have several perimeter drones. Level 5 You have sentry guns?
  • Superior Host. Level 1 The lifestyle has a rating 3 host. Level 2 The lifestyle has a rating 4 host. Level 3 The lifestyle has a rating 5 host. Level 4 The lifestyle has a rating 6 host including Black IC.
  • Good value. This quirk is not restricted by Lifestyle Level. Level 1 -10% Level 2 -25% costs. Level 3 -50% costs. Level 4 - 75% costs. Level 5 -90%. Level 6 Someone else pays the bills (May only be taken with an appropriate character quality) . Can't be take with expensive.
  • Lay-line in the basement. Gain 1 edge when ever performing magical tests while in this residence.
  • High speed connection. Gain 1 edge when performing any matrix based activity while in this residence.
  • Guards. Level 1 you pay protection to a local gang (PR1). Level 2 you have some renta cops guarding your building (PR2). Level 3. Your life style is guarded by a professional security service like Knight Errant (PR4). Level 4 Your lifestyle is protected by high level security and HRT teams (PR5). Level 5 Your lifestyle is protected by former Tir Taingire Paladins (PR6).
  • No Neighbours. Your residence for some reason has no neighbours. Its either isolated or maybe they are dead...
  • Good Neighbours. Your neighbours go out of their way to be helpful, brings cookies etc.
  • Home AI. Some type of helpful free willed sentient knowbot inhabits your host.
  • Pimped out. Receive 2 edge when using social interaction tests while entertaining people inside your residence.
  • SINless. The residence is off the grid and not linked to any SIN number.
  • Shop. Level 1 Your residence includes a free shop. Level 3. Your residence has a free facility.
  • Easy access. Your residence is near interstates, rail stations etc.
  • Hard to find. For some reason whenever people try to find your place they can't. Maybe the house number is incorrect or its tucked away.
  • Easy to defend. Your residence is laid out in a way that makes it easy to defend vs attack. You can always receive cover modifiers and there is always a weapon concealed somewhere.
  • Hidden Tunnel. There is a concealed way in and out of your residence.
  • Large. Your premises is impressively large with multiple rooms easily enough for 6-10 people.
  • Snappy Dresser. Your wardrobe is extensive. Receive +1 edge on all social tests.
  • Mobile Home. You live in a Winnebago. Your lifestyle is mobile!
  • Good Neigbourhood. Level 1 B. Level 2 A. Level 3 AA. Level 4 AAA
  • Helpful Roommate. One of your contacts is your roommate and receives +2 loyalty.
  • Safe room/Secure Vault. You have a reinforced room which can be secured from inside or out. This can either be used to keep all your guns or it could be used to hide in when attacked.
  • Servants. Level 1 - a cleaner comes once a week, Level 2 they come daily, Level 3 you have a live in butler or maid or assistant, Level 4 you have a few servants including a personal chef, Level 5 you have a whole staff from cleaners to cooks, house staff and an on-site handyman!
  • No place like home. Your home includes a small space for you to give prayers or to focus on your favourite hobby. Regain 1 edge, maximum once per session, when spending time at home.
  • Easy parking. Level 1 You have easy access to shared secure parking. Level 2 You have a small secure garage. Level 3 You have an uber cool garage that some people could live in. Level 4. You have a bat cave with a cool lift that takes your car up and down from the basement. Level 5 You have a Helipad.
  • Garden. You have a small garden space. You may even grow your own vegetables or flowers. This makes you healthier than most since you're further away from all the pollution. You gain a free edge on rolls to resist disease and heal damage. Level 1 you are very lucky to have access to a small green space (maybe on a roof top) (+1 Edge to regain stun only). Level 2 You have a large garden or allotment (+1 Edge to resist disease and heal damage). Level 3. You live on a farm (+2 Edge to resist disease and heal damage).

Negative Quirks

  • Outdated Host. Level 1 The lifestyle as a rating 2 host. Level 2 the lifestyle has a level 1 hosts. Level 3 The life style has no home host. Players must rely only on their personal CommLinks. Can't be taken with Superior Host.
  • Poor Security. The lifestyle has rating 1 Maglocks and no cameras or sensors. Can't be taken with Home Security.
  • Servitude. Your lifestyle of owned by your boss but you still pay (Corporation or Organised Crime). You only have access to you lifestyle why you remain in their good graces. This is often combined the the Servitude Negative Quality.
  • Expensive (Level 1-4). Each level adds 50% to the cost of the lifestyle. Can't be taken with Good Value.
  • High background count. You may not spend edge on magical skill tests in the apartment. Can't be taken with Lay-line in basement.
  • Poor connection. The lifestyle is prone connection noise. Roll 1D6 /2 each time the matrix is used to determine the noise level. Can't be taken with High Speed connection.
  • Ganger Harassment. You have a local gang problem!
  • Annoying Neighbours. Your neighbours are loud, annoying or nosey! Can't be taken with Helpful Neighbours.
  • Gremlins. Any type of technical or matrix test on the premises glitches on 1's and 2's.
  • SINer. The residence is linked to your legal SIN number.
  • What a dump. You live like a pig. Gain no edge when using social interaction tests while entertaining people inside your residence.
  • Middle of no where. Your residence is out of the way and requires a car to get to. Can't be taken with Easy Access.
  • Devil rats in the basement. You have a serious awakened vermin problem.
  • Bustling. Your residence is always very busy. Maybe its above a nightclub. It's impossible to come and go without being seen. Can't be taken with Hard to Find.
  • Small. Level 1 You can fit 2-3 people in your residence. Level 2 - Its a coffin motel!
  • Roommate from hell. Once of your contacts is your roommate but constantly aggravates you (and may be an enemy!). Can't be taken with Helpful Roommate.
  • Bad Neigbourhood. Level 1 D. Level 2 E. Level 3 Z. Level 4 Active Warzone. Can't be taken with Good Neighbourhood
  • Dressed like a vagrant. You have 1 outfit in your wardrobe You may spend no edge on social tests. You may smell bad. Can't be taken with Snappy Dresser.
  • I live with my parents. Do you have to sneak out to do runs? "Mum. I've bought some chummers around. Can they sleep over?'
  • Limited Parking. Level 1. Roll 1d6, on a 4+ your parking space is taken. Level 2 You can't park a car near your house. Can't be taken with Easy Parking.
  • Structurally unsound. Are bits of the roof meant to fall off? All barrier ratings of all walls are halved. You can only get Cover I status. You may need to wear a hard hat.
  • Noisy. What is that noise? Every night roll 1D6. On a 5+ your sleep is interrupted and you gain the Mentally Fatigued State (All Edge on tests linked to mental attributes cost +1).


Gangland Flop

  • Level: Low (2 level of free quirks)
  • Positive Qualities: Security Level 1 (Gangers). Home Security 2. No Neighbours. Hard to find. SINless. Escape Tunnel. Easy to Defend. No Place like home.
  • Negative Qualities: Bad Neighbourhood (Level 3 - Z). Poor Connection. What a dump. Outdated host 2.

Disco Stu's Disco Pad

  • Level: Medium (3 levels of free quirks)
  • Positive: (7) Good Roommate (Night Club Manager), Snappy Dresser, Pimped Out, Large, Transport level 2, Security 2 (Yakuza)
  • Negative: (5) Expensive Level 1, Middle of Nowhere, Poor connection, Bustling (Over night club), Noisy

Live at home Decker

Jimmy "Zap" is a trek hot decker. the only problem is... he lives with his parents in Bellevue (who happen to be uber rich).

  • Level: Luxury (10 levels of free quicks)
  • Positive Qualities (18): Good Value (6 - Parents own the house). Security (3). High Speed Connection. Transport (4). Good Neightbourhood (Level 2 Bellevue AA). Superior Host.
  • Negative Qualities (-8): Small (its a bedroom). Lives with parents. Annoying Neighbours (Older brother keeps touching my stuff!). SINer. Middle of nowhere. Servitude. No Parking Level 2.