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King Tiger

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First appeared in Where Is Jackie Chan in Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Archetype: Triad Elder Brother
AKA: Lo Cheung
Race: Male Human, Cantonese
Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong

The King Tiger is the most feared of the elder borthers (2nd in commands) of the Black Chrysanthemums. He is well educated speaking with an English Oxford accent. He surrounds himself with trappings of power, and has a particular fetish for all things related to tigers, including his bodyguards, the infamous Miska and Ra Chen.

The King Tiger himself in not magicaly talented but does have the best implants money can buy. He rules his domain with cunning and ruthlesness, acting like the Tiger, stalking his prey from the shadows and stiking with overwhelming power. It is no secret he wishes to one day become Lodge Master of the Black Chrysanthemums

The King Tiger also employees several gangs in his service, which he uses to recruit new traids. The largest gang is know as the Tiger Claws.