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December 2062

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In The Shadows December 2062

Shedim Special Report

Well happy fragging Christmas from down here in Pulluyup Seattle. I’m bringing you this special report as a live uplink from the former White Halls shopping centre which is now the home to a gang called the Knights Of Tarislar, and this aint no fragging Christmas carol I can tell you that.

Lets go back to the beginning. This runner called Pathfinder go in touch with me and asked me to come to Tarislar to get a first hand story on the Shadim situation down there. Now I was aware there was a situation but nothing prepared me for what I saw.

For the last few months the Knights Of Tarislar along with a coalition of other gangs in the area have been fighting a streetwar with the Shedim, but in recent months it has become more of a rear guard action. Recently the Shedim launched a full attack on the Knights HQ while the majority of the Knights were on a mission to attack a gathering of Sehdim, a gathering that turned out to be a diversion. To this point no one had suspected that the Shedim were a coherent organised force capable of these types of tactics, and while rumours of ambushes had be going around, everyone was still under the impression the Shedim where a bunch of Shambling mindless Zombies. Now most of them do seem to appear like this so the question is, who the frag is the brains of this out fit.

Back to Christmas, now while for you runners it might be a time of happy tidings and the odd run to steel the latest toy designs (don’t ask), for the knights it’s a time of strife. With even simple things like getting enough fuel for heating and enough food being a priority Christmas isn’t a walk in the park. With the shedim there its even worse.

Over the last few months the area to the south of Pulluyup has become known as the city of the dead. Once an area of bums and chip dealers, now no one walks the streets. If fact most of the homeless have just simple disappeared. A few lucky ones have been taken in in a few places like the White Halls and they have terrible stories of the Shedim carrying away people (and surprisingly not killing them on the spot). Now the only people found on the streets are the occasional patrols of Knights who pack enough fire power to take on the Shedim. The primary tool against these Sheim thought is magic, with out this edge few fights against the Shedim are a success.

Only a week ago a heavily armed group of Knights was wiped out with only a single survivor, an elf known a Rathon. Rathon later described to me how what he sould call a seasoned groups of warriors turned into a mob of terror sticked children once the Shedim attacked. This ability to projects a devastating aura of dear on anyone they meet is one of the most devastating attacks the Shedim possess. Only a few Knights managed enough resolve to hold there group and only Rathon made it out alive. All the others that fled in terror where never seen again. The only defense against this other that a stout hearts seems to be is astral barriers such as the mana barrier spell, which can lessen its effects, but with magicians such as Pathfinder in short supply the amount of ground the Knights can cover is limited. The territory the Knights can effectively say they control has grown smaller and smaller, and then there’s the dragon…

Only seen by a few who are now gibbering mad men, the dragon is a thing of myth and terror. Years ago a gang known now a s the Slayers came to fame when their lead a runner, killed a lesser western dragon. Well it would seem that this dragorn arose from the ashes so to speak, probably under the possession of some fragging big Shedim. Although rarely seen this dragon maybe the intelligence directing the Shdeim.

So what is the UCAS government doing, well nothing. The Shedim seem to be able to blend into the woodwork so to speak when ever any real force enters the area. Sinics would ay that since the Shdeim situation crime in the more “civilised” parts of Seattle has gone down the UCAS government hav’t bothered to pay it much attention. But with the recent situation with the Univeral Brotherhood and the Insect spirits how long can the FBI and UCAS go on before they take more direct action.