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Contacts and Enemies

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Contacts and Enemies

These house rules supliment and add to those found in SR6e. They also incorproate ideas form prior editions.

Contact Ratings

Each contact has two ratings from 1-12. Players may not purchase a contact with either rating higher than their Charmisa from their initial contact points.

Connection: This reting represents the connections and other contacts your contact has. Each contact starts the game with a maxmium connection rating equal to their professional rating. Players when the puchase a contact may then take connection up to a rating of this value. If the character has less connection it means that the contact isn't willing to share all of his information with the character.

Loyalty: This represents how well you know your contact and what they will do for you. The loyalty score of a contact reduces the cost of payment to a contact for services.

Contacts also has a Professional Rating. The base Professional Rating for contacts is 5. This will be the value of their primary skill and attribute. They may also have two secondary skills and attributes at one less that their professional rating and three tertiary skills attritutes and two less than their professional rating. e.g. A Talismonger may have Enchanting 5 and Conjouring 4.


Contacts are always a great source of information. Either they know something, or they know someone who knows somethings.

When they first approach the contact for information the contact rolls a Connection Test to see how much they know off the top of their head. The contact can then investigate further. They should make a Connection + Connection (Extended, 1 hours) using their Connection rating with the character (not their max connection rating). This determines how much they know. Successes either count as hits or can reduce the time. If no hits are achieved the contact can make no further rolls.

To get the information from the contact, the character must roll Influence + Charisma. For each hit the contact will sell them the information for 100 nuyen per hit to a maximum number of hits from the Influence test. Additional hits can be purchased for 200 nuyen per hit. Contacts should also roll their loyalty rating, for each hit they will give the character one hit for free.

Final costs can be reduced by negotiation (but they could also go up!)

Unwanted Attention

When ever a contact asks the wrong type of questions the GM should make an Unwanted Attention roll using a number dice between 0-12. 0 is asking a publicly know information. 12 is asking who assassinated Dunkelzahn. Hits on this test reduce the number of hits on the contacts Connection test. If the Unwanted Attention test gets more hits than the contact then someone knows the contact is asking questions and may come to find them (and posible silence them!).

Friends of Friends

Each contact starts by knowing 3 other contacts. These Friends of Friends may help the characters but they go through their mutual contact first (at a fee). A relevant Friend of Friend may add a +2 to the contacts Connection Test.

Contact Actions

There are a number of things characters may ask contacts for. As a rough idea each service costs 100 nuyen x the contacts professional rating. Roll a Loyalty test and subtract hits from the cost (100 nuyen less per hit). Here are some ideas:

  • Acquire an Item
  • Can you please take this bullet out of me!!!!
  • Finding Information
  • Back up for a run
  • I need a place to crash
  • Can you give me a lift?
  • Summon a spirit
  • Is it nomal my deck smokes when I turn it on!
  • Install cyberware (Facility required)
  • My ride has got bullet holes in it!
  • Look after baby yoda for me.
  • Teach me, Sensai.
  • I've got an itch.... can you scratch it?

Gaining Loyalty and Connection

Loyalty and connection may be gained through role playing and development between the characters and contacts. e.g. Completing a run for a fixer will increase their Connection with you. Helping out your street doc to steel some drugs make increase his loyalty.

Loyalty and connection can also be bought by some free work (costing Karma). Loyality is raised with the same karma cost as a skill.

Loyatly and connection may be bought. This costs 100 nuyen x (rating increase x rating increase) per month. e.g. If you havea Loyalty 2 Contact and you want to keep them sweet (increase to Loyalty 4) it costs 100 x (2x2) =400 nuyen per month. Connection can only be raised to the contacts Maximum Connection. Loytalty may be increase up to a maximum of 6.

Contact Abilities

Each contact starts play with three positive Contact Abilities. They may also take additional positive contact ability by balancing with the same number of Negative Contact abilites.

Positive Contact Abilities

  • Acquire (Item Type). The contact is skilled at acquiring items of a certain type. They may make an Extended Profesional Rating + Connection test (Availability/1 Week). They may only acquire items of avaliability equal or less than their professional rating.
  • Security. The contact has good security in the form of a security system and Professional Rating 5 Body Guards.
  • Shop. The contact has a shop for their appropriate skill e.g. Surgery, Talsimonger, Electronics. If this quality is taken three times they have access to a facility.
  • Knowledge (Area). The contact has knowledge of a particular area e.g. Corporations, Streets, Magic. They recieve a 2 dice bonus on any Connection test on that subject.
  • Transport. Not just a car, this contact has serious transport e.g. armoured van, a helicopter a smuggling boat.
  • Awakened. The contact is an adept or mage of some type.
  • Decker. The contact posesses a cyberdeck and the skills to use them.
  • Safehouse. The contact can provide a place for characters to crash when they are in need
  • Followers. The contact commands a large number of profession rating 2 or 3 followers. e.g. Gang, Policlub etc
  • Smuggler. The contact is able to get people across borders, just dont ask how. For a price of course.
  • Position (Organisation). The contact has a prominant position which may give them +2 dice to Connection tests if relevant. e.g. Cop, Mr Johnson.
  • Good Value. The contact doesn't ask for much. Each Connection test hit only costs 50 nuyen.
  • 24/7. This contact will be on hand 24/7 for any request.
  • Rigger. This contact has a Rigger interface,access to drones and a remote control deck.
  • Arms cash. The apocolyspe is coming and they are ready! Their basement is full of weapons (and tins of beans) ready for any emergency.
  • Lover. The contact is a lover or maybe a friend with benefits (depending on their loyalty rating). Characters have a +2 dice pool on influence tests with them... as long as all goes will... or they will become just another ex!
  • Well connected. This contact has double the usual number of friends of friends.
  • Prime Runner This contact has a professional rating of +1 for each time this is taken. They are an active shadowrunner.
  • Forger. The contact can forge ID's, permits etc. This also requires a shop or facility. The contact should roll Connection + Profesional Rating (2, Extended, 24 hours). Each additional hit adds 1 level to the rating of the forgery to a maximum of the contacts professional rating. If the test rolls no success, the forger can make no more rolls.
  • Good Credit. The contact will loan the character money at an inerest of 5% per month to a maximum of Loyalty x 5000 nuyen
  • Land Lord. The contact owns/manages apartments and can set up a characters lifestyle (even illegally). This can be taken up to three times. Level 1 Low-Medium Level 2 High Level 3 Luxury.
  • Skilled (Area). The Contact is a professional and has a skill of 6 in one area

Negative Contact Abilities

  • Streets. The contact has nothing but the clothes on their back.
  • Loyalty (Organisation). The contact is loyal to something or someone, which will automatically be more important to them that the characters.
  • Enemy. The contact has an enemy who will at somepoint seet revenge. Maybe the characters can help them out of it?
  • Limited Availability. Each day a player tries to contact them their is only a 50 % chance they respond.
  • Heat Magnet. Each time this contact is used the group gains 2 heat.
  • Expensive. The contact charges high rates. Each Connection test hit costs 200 nuyen.
  • Sell Out. Always on the lookout for a buck, each time the player gives this contact information or a secret make a Lotalty (2) Test. If it fails the contact will sell on the information.
  • GM Suprise. This Qualitiy counts a two qualities. The GM secretly chooses the two.
  • Immoral. This contact is only in it for the money. Their loyalty will never rise above 1.
  • SINer. The contact has no alias and a legal SIN. If the do anything illegal their will be consequences.
  • Just another Ex. A former lover. They may be very unco-operative at times. Characters recieve a -2 dice pool when influencing them.
  • Predjudiced. This contact hates <insert demographic>. They will not do business with anyone in that group. If the character brings someone along to the meet their is a -4 to all influence tests.
  • Diasability. The contact has some serious disability which may effect them. e.g. mobility, blindness, deafness
  • Dark Secret. This contact in secret is a very, very bad person.... e.g. serial killer, insect shaman, undercover cop, lawyer.
  • Has no friends. The contact has no Friends of Friends. The character is their only real friend (awwww).
  • Out of Town. This contact does not live in the same city or maybe even the same country as the character.
  • Mr X. The character doesn't know who this contact is. They alays meet in dark alleys, crowded stations or in private matrix nodes.
  • Being Watched. This contact is under surveillance buy parties unknown.
  • Loan Shark. The contact will give the character credit or load money at a rate of 40% per month. If they miss a payment increase the rate by 10% per month. Each month may a Loyaty (Months) test. If this fails, they send in the boys.
  • Calling in a Marker. The character owes the contact a major favour. This will be claimed at some point requiring the charactre to do a run for free.

Contact Qualities (Expanded Character Generation)

Characters may select the following qualities which effect contacts. Players may purchase any number of qualities for all their contacts contacts (this does not count to the maximum of 6 qualities).

  • Loyal Contact +2/Level. Each level adds 1 point to a contacts Loyalty to a maximium of 6.
  • Well Connected Contact +2/Level. Each level addes 1 points to a contacts Conection rating with that character.
  • Profesional Contact. +4/level. Each level increase the contacts professional rating and hence their primary skill by 1 level.
  • Incompetant Contact. -2/level. Decrease the professional rating of a contact by 1
  • Contact Quality +4/Quality. Add one positive Contact Quality to the contact.
  • Limited Quality -4/Quality. Remove one Contact Quality from the contact.
  • Enemy -2/Rating. Enemies have a base rating of Connect 1. Hate 1. Each time this quality is selected add 1 points to one of the enemies ratings.

Additional Qualities

The following are extra qualities which can be take at character generation.

  • Hung out to dry -20. The character starts with no contacts.
  • Hidden Enemy -12. One of the characters contacts (GM's choice) is in fact an enemy. When the time is right they will have their revenge!


Enemies work in the same way as contacts except their out to: annoy you, complicate your life, kill you, eat you, turn you into a insect spirit... Enemies are either gained through the enemies flaw or through in game actions e.g. killing someones dog.

Like contacts, enemies have friends of friends and have Qualities. They replace Loyalty with Hate. A Hate of 1 being a mild annoyance to a Hate of 12 being “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!”. Connection can be used a means of tracking down the character. Roll a Connection + Hate [Extended 4, 1 month] Test. On a success they get involved in some way in the characters life.