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  • Real name: Angela Mendez Carrera
  • Hispanic, female, 25 years.
  • Played by Helen

Angela Carrera came from a privelaged background. After being thrown out of a series of private schools, she came home to find her parents in debt to a mafia hood. Immediately, Carrera took it upon herself to fix the problem, and using her parents stolen credit card, hired an assasin. The assasination proved extremely successful. So successful, infact, that several top mafia lieutenants were killed in the explosion, and a small war erupted on the streets. After her parents home was reduced to rubble, they emigrated to Japan and threw Angela out on the street. From then on she became determined to be her own boss and set about building a criminal empire. This, however, turned out to be just a phase, as she found out all she needed to do was to know who to bribe. In between bribing senior law enforcement officials, Angela spent three months on the catwalk, attempting to go 'legit' in the fashion business. This turned out to be abortive, when her mangager was found in a dumpster, after being stabbed 23 times.

Angela now works as a face in the Hong Kong shadows. She has a small psychotic streak.

Atrributes (BP Cost)

Attribute Rating BP Cost
Body 1
Agility 4
Reaction 4
Strength 1
Charisma 5
Intuition 6
Logic 2
Willpower 3
Edge 5
Magic/Resonance 0

Derived Attributes

Attribute Rating
Essence 6
Initiative (R+I) 10
Initiavtive Passes 1
Physical Damage Track (8+B/2)
Stun Damage Track (8+W/2)

Active Skills (BP Cost)

Skill Rating Base Atrribute BP Cost
Escape Artist
Throwing Weapons

Knowledge Skills (Free BP)

Skill Rating Base Atrribute BP Cost

Language Skills

Skill Rating Base Atrribute BP Cost

Qaulities (BP Cost)

Quality BP Cost Notes/Page Ref
First Impressions 5
Allergy -15 common/ moderate/ Gold
Guts 5

Contacts (BP Cost)

Contact Name (Link) Connection Loyalty BP Cost


Implant Essence Nuyen Cost

Spells (BP Cost )


Career History

Total Karma
Current Karma
Street Cred
Public Awareness

Karma Spending Record (Total Karma Spent)

Karma Spent on... Amount


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