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Bad Karma

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Karma represents luck in the shadowrun universe. Its how generous the universe feels towards you, but ever though what if you ask the universe for too much? Thats Bad Karma man!

Every character can take upto 10 points of Bad Karma. Each point of Bad Karma can be used in the following ways

  • Reroll failures+
  • Buy dice+
  • Reduce target numbers (Nelson Hopper)+
  • Stay alive for one addition turn if bleeding to death
  • Buy one success (if one has been rolled already)

+ These mechanics work in the same way as standard karma.

Refreshing Bad Karma

Bad Karma only refreshes when the GM says so. When you spend bad karma you are asking for trouble to come your way. A GM may refresh one point of Bad Karma by having something bad happen to you. Examples include:

  • Hmmm. Who should we choose for the evil sacrifice...
  • The bads guy with the bad karma!
  • "What do you mean my car's broken down!" as the bad guys approach.
  • Achew...I've got a cold sniff, sniff...
  • The GM chooses you as the target of an eeeeeevil plot device (What do you mean they're going to cut my spinal cord, JUST so they can see if their new spinal cord regeneration drug works ok!!!!!!)...

The GM can also use Bad Karma in the following ways:

  • Buy you character addition flaws at 1 pt of bad karma per flaw point.
  • Make you reroll all you successes in a test
  • Give an addition point of karma to an NPC (Man that was a lucky shot when he shot you...)

Bad Team Karma

Bad Karma also applies to enitire teams if the dare to take it! In this case the Bad Karma effects everyone in the group. Each player may take up to 5 points of Bad Team Karma. Every time the character is with a team his bad karma may effect them. Examples include:

  • Having anyone in the team effected by the above bad karma effects (People hate a Jinx)
  • Giving the entire party a flaw of equal value (e.g. hunted)
  • Giving the bad guys team karma