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Training Quick Reference Guide

Working days

A working day is 4 hours long. Characters may spent more time training up to a maximum of willpower/2 + 4 hours. For each success on a willpower 10 roll 1 hour is added to this.
Base Time
||Active Skill: ||Karma Cost x7 in working days.|| ||Attribute: ||Karma Cost x7 in working days.|| ||Knowledge Skill: ||Karma Cost x15 in working days.||

Training Test

Target Number:
For Skills: New skill value +2
-1 if skill was used in last run
-1 for having a teacher
For Attributes: 6
Divide the base time by the number of successes.


Teachers may assist characters in learning skills or increasing attributes.
Target Number:
Teaching Skill: 4 OR
Charisma: 8
Each 2 successes counts as an additional Training Test success.
Teacher must have a skill of at least 3 and at or above the level being taught.
Cost: Pg. 50 SR companion.