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Played by [[Skimble]]
Played by [[Skimble]]

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Played by Skimble

Piper was a Houngan, a practitioner of Voudon. He was quite a fun character, and had a religiously roleplayed attempt at a Cajun accent, one of many reasons why I'm sure nobody was too sad when he died. He was associated with the Loa or spirit of the sea, and to be 'mounted' by his Loa (possessed to gain magical power) he had to be wet, leading to all manner of double entendres...

Piper was sorely abused by the group. He lost an eye in an encounter with some enemies and took to wearing an eyepatch. A bit later on he was astrally projecting when the group decided to superglue his eyepatch to his good eye.

Anyway, he died at the barrel of an automatic shotgun, after a misunderstanding from the GM in which 'I stand with my back to the wall next to the window' became 'I stand with my back to the door in front of the window'.

[The whole 'eyepatch glued to the good eye' scenario is still one of the funniest things I ever remember about University Shadowrun [^^] - Corin ]