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Old Quotes/UKC/Fifth Page

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"Wear this in your head." - Mark.

"You just do a forward roll out." - Stuart, as a character tries to ram a door with a forklift truck.

"Would you mind calling your rabbit off, please?" - Richard.

"Evil sorceror! User of blood magic!" - Stuart.
"Yes? (Pause) Only joking. (Pause) Acid stream." - Adam.

"I just thought I'd wander out of the brig." - Stuart.

"Shall I put that down on my desciption?" - Dave 1, when informed his character's hair has been turned into feathers.

"You can just wear a heavy cloak." - Stuart, talking about disguising an 8 foot tall, horned and winged PC.

"You must have many interesting tales." - Stuart.
"No, they evolved away a long time ago." - Corin.

"It's time for a morale-boosting tune." - Stuart.
"(Rolls dice) Take two wounds." - Dave 1.

"[The rooms cost 5 gold crowns for the night.]" - Mark.
"Then I will pay you 4 gold crowns." - Stuart.
"Excuse me?" - Mark.
"For your insolence." - Stuart.
"What about for the rooms?" - Richard.

"Well, I'm leaving myself soon." - Mark.
"You're leaving yourself? How?" - Stuart.

"Hello!" - Mark.
"Hello! (Pause) Who are you?" - Stuart, after entering a shop. Amazingly enough, it turned out that he was talking to the shopkeeper.

"Are you facing in a particular direction?" - Adam.
"I'm facing forward." - Richard.

"This powerful dem...err...spirit." - Richard 2.

"Can't you save the world before you retire?" - Richard 2.

"Ask him if he speaks English." - Richard 2, talking about somebody speaking to the party in English already.

"He speaks broken English." - Stuart, about a different person to the above.
"Does anybody have build and repair English?" - Adam.

"It's basically turned into a three storey building." - Stuart.
"I do?" - Richard.

"Pretty beaten up. Doesn't look like it's been used in a while." - Stuart.
"The house or the woman?" - Adam.

"You can hear a circular saw inside." - Stuart.
"Anybody in there?" - Paul, yelling.

"Leave it with him, he's trustworthy." - Adam.
"Are you sure?" - Richard 2.
"No." - Adam.

"[Let's go to] some nice, quiet coffee place." - Paul.
"I know a nice Italian." - Richard 2.
"Yeah? She up for it?" - Corin.

"I was talking to Kerguelen, until I suddenly noticed he wasn't there." - Stephen.

"Oh, is 'S' Mr. Smith? I thought 'S' was Whisper for some reason." - Richard 2, talking about initials representing characters on the map.

"Why do we have to save the world, anyway?" - Mark.

"Perhaps we shouldn't take everyone on this one. Perhaps we should just take a small group of elite personnel." - Paul.
"No-one, you mean?" - Stephen.

"What non-alcoholic drinks do you have?" - Richard.
"There's an elf at the bar." - Stuart.

"How do you know she's your sister?" - Sarmad.

"He's an American." - Mark, talking about a PC, without realising the entire party was American.

"Have you got a satellite uplink in the van?" - Paul.
"You've got a roadmap." - Stuart.

"How far did we agree you can travel in a week?" - Mark.
"4 days." - Anthony.

"To tell you the truth, I have never travelled on the sea." - Stuart.
"This is a river." - Stephen.

"What are you doing in Kipres?" - Mark.
"We're passing through; travellers." - Stuart.
"We're passing through travellers?" - Anthony.

"Your wristphone goes off." - Stuart.
"Boom! You're dead." - Stephen.

"Apparently, Mandarin's a fixer who's hiring people to kill you... so I've applied." - Mark, showing great team spirit.

"Oh, we are still wanted for murder, by the way." - Dave 1 to the rest of the party at audible levels, just as some mercenaries entered the inn the party was drinking at.

"I've heard info. that he's a fixer, and he's not there." - Mark.
"Tell us your information, then." - Paul.
"Well, he's a fixer, and he's not there." - Mark.

"What happens if he explodes?" - Stephen, talking about a party member.
"We wipe him off and carry on." - Corin.

"13... he missed." - Stuart, talking about an NPC shooting an unpopular party member.
"Can we spend a point of team karma on that?" - Anthony.

"I'm a long standing friend of... what was your name again?" - Richard 2.

"Are there are street vendors outside?" - Stuart.
"Everyone's supplied for streets right now." - Anthony.

"You should join us. You'd make great bounty hunters." - Mark.
"You should join us." - Dave 1.
"You'd make great cannon fodder." - Stuart.

"[Did she say anything before she died?]" - Dave 2.
"Fuck, this hurts." - Unknown.

"My name is Crossout." - Richard 2.
"Did your parents hate you?" - Stephen.

"1-3 you go left, 1-4 you go right." - Stuart.

"I had to hit her a bit too hard to stop her shooting me." - Richard.

"She's a chicken with blonde hair." - Stuart, not actually meaning poultry.

"What happens when he dies?" - Stephen.
"Don't know. He's never died before!" - Richard.

"Where did you get this from?" - Stuart.
"It's an old family heirloom." - Stephen.
"We found it in the street." - Paul.

"A woman with some information that we could use... the information, that is, not the woman." - Paul.

"What do you know?" - Paul.
"That is what I am here to find out." - Stuart.

"...she's in hospital being shot." - Dave 2.

"Wolfgang, have you noticed these blotches on your arms?" - Mark.
"What arms?!" - Stephen. Yes, the character in question did have arms.

"Cheer up! Wealth beyond your greatest imagination is just over that horizon." - Mark, pointing.
"Unfortunately, we're going over that horizon instead." - Anthony, pointing the other way.

"I am a god!" - Mark.
"On a Tuesday?! That's buggered the entire schedule!" - Dave 3.

"How about we go to the bar sometime?" - Stuart, as female NPC.
"Oh shit." - Stephen.

"Are you meditating? If not, would you like a coffee?" - Richard 2.

"No wonder I failed my perception test." - Stephen, after being informed he was asleep.

"I think it's only fair you show me the colour of your gold." - Stuart.
"Well, it's sort of gold colour, actually." - Anthony.

"How can I run from someone with a horse with a sword?" - Stuart.

"They are leaving them in a crate." - Stephen, trying to excuse taking some other peoples' property.

"If you cause trouble, not only will we kill you now, you will not be welcome in any province." - Mark.

"[Is the van alright?]" - Corin.
"Bits of it are." - Stephen.

"[How are you doing? I thought you died (etc.)]" - Corin, greeting an old friend.
"You two know each other?" - Richard.

"Hook yourself up to the mains supply and escape by death!" - Paul.

"Have we got a psychoanalyst?" - Mark.
"Yeah, I can analyse things and I'm a psycho." - Stephen.

"Hey, I was hired by you people. Don't start telling me what to do." - Stuart, failing to grasp the employee-employer relationship.

"You going through?" - Mark.
"Cautiously." - Anthony.
"You burst through...." - Mark.

"Where are you parking the building?" - Stuart.

"A glass of muled wine, please." - Craig.

"Wolfgang's just sitting on the river, beside a rock." - Anthony.

"What's the wall do?" - Craig.
"It stops people from getting inside." - Stephen.
"Where from?" - Craig.
"Outside." - Stephen.

"Do you want to give us your money, or shall we just kill you?" - Anthony. "That depends on how many of you there are." - Stuart.
"Why should we tell you that?" - Anthony.
"Because then you'll have to kill me." - Stuart, not doing wonders for his life expectancy.

"Let me get this straight. You threw a stone eight feet and you want them to think it's a footstep?" - Craig, to Stuart.

"Now be off with you or we kill you." - Anthony.
"Sounds good to me." - Stuart.

"We've worked together before." - Dave 1.
"Well, he has." - Stephen.

"A nice healthy glowing tan." - Stuart.
"When you say glowing..." - Anthony.

"Has the mana bolt got a fetish?" - Stuart.
"No." - Richard 2.
"Has the barghest?" - Anthony.

"Lucky dog. He's dead." - Stuart.

"On 4, it pauses a second, raises it's leg..." - Stuart.
"Acid stream!" - Stephen.

"It's OK. I've got three free resurrections...resuscitations." - Joe.

"Something tells me we aren't in canvas anymore." - Richard 2.

"What are you feeling at the moment?" - Richard.
"That's private." - Anthony.

"What's the last thing we remember?" - Richard 2.
"You don't know. You don't remember." - Stuart.

"You all die in a fiery fireball." - Stuart.

"It's slipped my mind." - Richard 2.
"Slipped?" - Stuart.
"Or was it pushed?" - Stephen.

"He took a room. Anyway, you wake up..." - Anthony.
"...and find a room missing!" - Stuart.

"A needle flicks out and pricks you in the finger." - Anthony, to Richard.
"How unfortunate. Can I have my lockpicks back?" - Stuart, who had lent the aforementioned items to Richard.

"What are you doing in my e-mail?!" - Richard 2.
"Checking if anyone's hacked in." - Stephen.

"He's going to hit me, isn't he?" - Richard 2.
"Don't worry, we're not going to..." - Joe.
"...stop him." - Richard.

"There's a service tunnel." - Stuart, proceeding to describe the tunnel.
"Have you seen the hoover?" - Richard 2, to the tunnel.

"Is the cook cooking?" - Stephen.
"Yes, we put him on half an hour ago. He's nearly done." - Richard.

"It's a hire charge of 50." - Stuart.
"Have you got a lower one?" - Stephen.

"Some brandy, perhaps?" - Anthony.
"Any particular brand?" - Stuart.
"Yes, e." - Stephen.

"You've got to buy money and stuff." - Stuart.

"Oh, he's dead. That's why he hasn't got an action." - Stuart, to himself.

"You're driving away. Make a firearms roll." - Stuart.

"My character hasn't got a sexual dysfunction. The fact he's looking for a woman with three breasts is beside the point." - Stephen.

"Short?! Short?! You call two foot eight short?!" - Stephen.

"I liked Merlin, he was good. Everybody else said he was sexually depraved because he went around sleeping with cats." - Richard 2.

"I say we get him, knock him unconscious, then interrogate him." - Richard.

"We have a plan to catch the killers." - Stuart, to dead person's girlfriend.
"I'd like to point out I didn't mention he was dead." - Chris.

"What's your character look like?" - Stuart.
"At the moment, female." - Stephen.

"I'm stunned. We've never had a half competent decker before." - Stuart.
"We have now." - Joe.

"I can leave a message. If you want to leave your phone number?" - Stuart, to PC trying to retrieve his lost phone.

"We're not making that much, are we?" - Stephen.
"Well, the computer equipment's worth quite a bit." - Richard 2.
"Is it? We'll split it between the party then." - Stephen.
"Well, it's not worth that much." Richard 2, who had the computer equipment.

"How'd it go?" - Richard 2, as the party climbs into his van with about half the group unconscious and/or dying.

"I have a friend." - Joe.
"Do you?" - Surprised voice.

"OK, what do you want to know?" - Stuart, as kidnapped NPC threatened into giving information.
Long pause - The rest of the group.

"It's only gel rounds, it's not going to kill him." - Stephen, while pointing a gun at NPC the party is interrogating, "Tell us or we kill you."

"Look! That star is moving!" - Anthony.
"Which one?" - Dave 1.
"That one, the one that's moving." - Anthony.

"It was a perfectly shaped charge. It blew out the door and the windows, but didn't damage the structure of the building at all." - Stuart.
"So the villain is somebody who owns shares in the building." -Joe.

"I've actually got more money on my character sheet than I had before I paid for it." - Stephen.

"You can sit here and wait for your moment of glory when the Bretonnians march down the river..." - Stuart.
"They'd be dead, wouldn't they? They'd drown!" - Dave 1.