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SR4 Firearms in Melee Combat

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If a character is in Melee range with another character who tries to attack using a ranged weapon, the defender may resist using a Block (Unarmed + Agility), a Parry (Weapon + Agility) or a Melee Dodge (Dodge + Reaction) or defender may instead choose to go on full defence (losing their next action) and resist with a Full Block (Unarmed + Unarmed + Agility), or a Full Parry (Weapon + Weapon + Agility) or a Full Melee Dodge (Dodge + Dodge + Reaction).

Characters may also block ranged attacks on other targets if they are in melee range with the attack.

e.g. TNO is shooting at Ironclad (who is 5 meters away) while TNO is in melee range of a Triad Soldier, then the Triad Soldier can use a Parry, Full Parry, Block or Full Block to reduce TNO's ranged test hits.

If a character has defended against a melee attack using a melee defence and then is attacked by a ranged weapon from outside of melee range they recieve a -3 dice to their normal ranged defence options(e.g. reaction or reaction + dodge for full dodge). (Note if a the defender decided not to use a melee defence they do not recieve the -3 dice to defence).

Characters trying to shoot into melee combat from out side recieve a -1 modifier to attacks for each friend in melee. If they glitch and the opponent dodges, or if the critically glitch the attack hits one of the friends in melee (The ranged weapon does the base DV).

e.g. Danny shoots at Ironclad, into a melee combat between TNO and Ironclad. He recieves a -1 modifier (for 1 friend in combat). He scores 1 hit but also glitches. Ironclad dodges (at -3 modifier because he used a melee defense) and gets a hit, so the bullet hits TNO doing the base DV.

If a character is attempting to use a large ranged weapon while in melee range with another character then they get a dice pool modifier as shown below.

Weapon Size Modifier
Tiny: Hold Out 0
Small: Pistol, Knife -1
Medium: SMG -2
Large: Assault Rifle, Crossbow -3
Very Large: Sniper rifle, LMG/MMG
Huge: HMG's, Miniguns, Missile Launchers, Long Bow -6



TNO is in melee combat range with Ironclad.
TNO wants to shoot Ironclad with her Warhawk (Ranged attack).
TNO gets a -1 modifier (small weapon).
Ironclad gets no dice pool modifier and resists using a Parry, Block or Melee Dodge.


TNO is in Melee Combat with Ironclad. Danny is standing five meters away.
Danny shoots Ironclad with his semi auto.
Danny attacks with his normal dice pool.
Ironclad receives a -3 dice to his defence pool if he has used a melee defense in the past turn.


TNO is in Melee Range with Ironclad. A Triad Soldier is standing 5 meters away.
TNO shots at the Triad Solider with her Warhawk.
TNO receives a -1 modfier (small weapon) to shoot the Triad Soldier as she is in Melee Range with another person (Ironclad).
The Triad Soldier gets no modifier to his defence pool.
Ironclad can use a Block or Parry to reduce TNO’s Hits