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== Resources and Rules  ==
[[SR4 New Rules|SR4 New Rules]]
[[SR3 SR4 Convertion|SR3 SR4 Convertion]]
[[Shadowrun 4th Edition Resources|SR4 New Rules <br>SR3 SR4 Convertion <br>SR4 Gear <br>SR4 Character Sheet Template <br>SR4 Quick Reference Guides <br>SR4 Archetypes <br>]]
[[SR4 Gear|SR4 Gear]]
[[SR4 Character Sheet Template|SR4 Character Sheet Template]]
[[SR4 Quick Reference Guides|SR4 Quick Reference Guides]]
[[SR4 Archetypes|SR4 Archetypes]]

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SR4 New Rules SR3 SR4 Convertion SR4 Gear SR4 Character Sheet Template SR4 Quick Reference Guides SR4 Archetypes